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    Father’s Day- The IGo Gift Guide

    Father’s Day- The IGo Gift Guide

    Father’s Day: the day we attempt to buy dads the perfect gift although they claim they don’t want or need anything. It seems like an impossible task when you think of it. Dads (usually) are not as forthcoming with what they want as gifts. However, they deserve all of the thanks you can give them for their love and support over the years. So how do you tackle this impossible task of giving a gift to the man who has so selflessly loved you?

    Not that we are biased or anything, but we think a gift from IGo will win major brownie points with dad, for a few reasons. 

    • Dad gets to have the warm fuzzy feelings that the gift he has received has also contributed to allowing a child in Nigeria to receive important, potentially life-saving eye care.
    • IGo sunglasses are responsibly crafted to minimize environmental impact. For all the environmentally mindful dads out there, a pair of bamboo sunglasses will be a home run.
    • Sunglasses are a great gift to give anyway, to be honest. Sunglasses are the perfect mix of practical and fun. They get to be a unique fashion piece but are also a gift that he will get to use frequently.

     With those reasons in mind, we’ve gone ahead and put together a guide of gifts from IGo we think will be perfect for mom this year. And don’t forget, Father’s Day is coming up soon too!


    IGo Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

    • Cali-Tortoise Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses- a classic frame mixed with the tortoise is perfect for those dads that like to rock a look that is timeless. The tortoise adds a little bit of classy flair that will make dad look great!
    • Bwiza- Retro Wooden Sunglasses- We’ll be honest, this isn’t a classic dad look. These sunglasses are hot and fashion forward. These are perfect for the dad who loves to be fashion-forward or is willing to take a risk. He’s not like regular dads, he’s a cool dad.
    • Kaki-Wooden Sunglasses- Large rectangular sunglasses are very in right now. Again, these are great for the dad who loves to be fashion-forward. These are also especially great for the environmentally-conscience dad since they are 100% wooden.
    • Trim Fit Long Sleeve Hoodie- This hoodie comes in black, blue and heather gray. It’s the perfect casual sweatshirt that will look great with jeans or workout gear. There is also a sleeveless option in all of the same colors!
    • Beard Graphic Tees- Is your dad a proud supporter of a beard? There are two great options for him in our graphic tees section. Either “Beer for the Man with the Beard” or “Respect the Man with the Beard” are sure to be his new favorite tee.

    Seven Tips for Healthy Eyes

    Seven Tips for Healthy Eyes

    How often do you think about the health of your eyes? Perhaps only once year when visiting the eye doctor? Honestly, unless there is a problem, eyes and their health can be easy to forget. However, it is extremely important to maintain the health of one’s eyes to maintain vision over one’s lifetime. Many eye conditions that can lead to blindness do not have symptoms to warn a person that something is wrong.

    Luckily, eye health is not overly complicated. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure your eyes stay in the best shape possible. 

    1. Wear Sunglasses

    Of course, buying a pair of IGo eye ware is a great way to protect your eyes from harmful UV waves. Wear them as often as possible to ensure your eyes stay healthy. Also, remember that UV rays are still present on cloudy days. While clouds do block visible light, they are not necessarily blocking harmful UV rays.

    1. Eat Healthy

    Eating a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables is important to maintaining one’s eye health. Carrots, of course, and darkly leafy greens are great for keeping eyes health. Consider ways you can add spinach, kale or collard greens into your diet regularly. In addition, some research shows foods heavy in omega-3 (think Salmon and Tuna) are healthy for eyes.

    1. Stay at or Reach a Healthy Weight

    Good news is, if you work on tip 2 you will likely be able to follow tip 3, also. Those who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop diabetes, which has a number of health risks for the eyes. Diabetic eye disease and glaucoma are a higher risk for those with diabetes. In addition to eating right, regular exercise will help to keep one at a healthy weight.

    1. Have a Yearly Eye Exam

    Again, eyes work great until they don’t. It is likely you will not know something is wrong until you feel pain or have problems with your vision. In most cases it is better to find a problem before it gets to that point. This can be achieved with a regular visit to the eye doctor. They will dilate the eye to be sure there are no signs of glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and age-related macular degeneration. Since there are often not symptoms for these diseases, it is important to have regular check-ups and catch them as early as possible.

    1. Be Knowledgeable About Family Risk Factors

    Like any diseases, it is important to know if an eye condition runs in your family. Talk with family members to understand if they have a history of eye problems. This is important information to share with your eye doctor at the time of your annual check-up.

    1. Quit Smoking

    Smoking, in general, is a poor habit for your health. Smoking has been linked with increased risk for macular degeneration, cataract, and optic nerve damage. Any of these conditions can lead to blindness in the long-term.

    1. Reduce Screen Time

    It can be easy to forget to give your eyes a rest when you work at a computer all day long. Up close, brightly lit screens are not great for the eyes. If you can, take a break when you can. An easy to remember rule is called 20-20-20. Once every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. This helps they eye to relax the muscles used to look up close.

    For references and more tips, visit the National Institute of Health’s Healthy Vision page here.

    At IGo, we believe healthy eyes are imperative to overall health, which is why we proudly donate eye care to school-aged children in Nigeria. Without proper eye care, these children are more likely to contract infectious diseases that will lead to less likely to poor performance in school and an increased risk for blindness. We work on the ground to bring the treatment needed to keep children’s eyes healthy. With every purchase of IGo sunglasses, you are helping to support a very important mission, and for that we thank you.

    Don’t Give In To Societal Pressure, Be Yourself

    Don’t Give In To Societal Pressure, Be Yourself

    Today, more than ever, we are bombarded with images of how others live their lives. Social media and reality television are two ways we learn about the lives others live and it can be easy to draw comparisons from those people’s lives to your own. However, it is important to remember that only you can live your best life.

    Here is what will start to happen once you stop comparing yourself to others and start living as your true self.


    You’ll Have a Positive Attitude

    Most people don’t realize it, but there is a whole big world out there when you look up from your phone screen. We are all guilt of mindlessly scrolling. And while it may seem “mindless” you are still taking in a lot of information about other people’s lives.


    Do a little experiment next time you are looking through social media. Pay attention to your thoughts. You might catch yourself thinking “oh, I wish I had a body like that” or “Wow, they are on an amazing vacation. They must have so much more money than me.” Notice these small comparisons and how they impact your thoughts and attitude. You’ll find youself a more positive person when you give up these thoughts.


    Become More Present

    If you are living in way that is true to yourself, you are going to spend less time worrying about what others care or think of you. This frees up you mind to stay actively engaged with what is going on around your, rather than worrying about what others think of you.


    Use your new found presence to stay engaged in the moment. Notice your environment and those around you. Reach out to others to see how you can make a positive difference in their life.


    You’ll Find Your “You-ness”

    Maybe there is something about yourself that you feel you need to change because it does not match what society considers to be “normal.” Take an opportunity to evaluate what that thing is. Is it your weight? Is it a hobby or past-time? Is it an aspect of your personality? Rather than shaming yourself for it, try embracing it. See how freeing it can be to embrace what make you, you. Or your “you-ness.” You might just find that to be a whole lot more fun than trying to be what other people want.

    If those above aren’t enough reasons, then consider some of these rule breakers:

    • Ellen DeGeneres came out as gay in 90’s, helping to normalize homosexuality.
    • Lady Gaga pushes the boundaries of her art, giving her an authenticity that goes unmatched by other celebs.
    • Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat, challenging social norms to stand up for what she believed in.
    • Caitlin Jenner famously transitioning from male to female, opening the world up to a more understanding attitude towards transgendered people .

    These individuals are responsible for living their lives in a way that is authentic to them, without regard for what other people will think. Take the opportunity to live as your most authentic self, it’s never too early to start. 

    IGo’s Recent Trip to Nigeria

    IGo’s Recent Trip to Nigeria

    The IGo team recently traveled to Nigeria with the mission of providing eye-care and general care to primary school children aged 4 and 5. In March, a team that consisted of an ophthalmologist, a community practitioner and public health specialist and nurse traveled with us to make this important trip a success. We are deeply grateful to them for providing their time and expertise to the attention of these children.

    Our Ophthalmologist, Dr. Bunmi Ashano, and public health specialist, Dr. Nike Degun, assessed children from two different stations at the school in Yemetu, Aladorin. They documented students who were at-risk and in need of corrective lenses and further follow-up. The school population was much larger than our resources were able to tend to. For that reason, the doctors focused on children aged 4 and 5 years old. In total, 129 students were tested for refractive errors.

    Of those children, 4 were diagnosed with contagious eye infections and were prescribed eye drops and antibiotics. One young girl was diagnosed with a severe infection that was causing her eye to swell quite visibly. She was treated immediately.

    As is the case in many African countries, knowledge on how to treat and prevent diseases is not well known. In the case of the little girl, the mother thought the infection was merely a boil that would disappear by topically applying Vaseline to the infection. This was a powerful teaching moment for the mother and the school teachers so they could understand how to notice and treat eye infections early on.

    The teachers were shown how they could perform the same test to identify children that may need further testing and follow-up. Dr. Bunmi also spoke very clearly about the importance of going above and beyond to look out for the safety and well-being of the student health. Poor health can directly relate to a student’s truancy levels and inability to pay attention. She stressed the importance of keeping children home if they have infectious conditions, at least until they feel better or are no longer contagious.

    In addition to the eye care, provided, two children were diagnosed with contagious skin infections that the general practitioner, Dr. Degun, was able to prescribe antibiotics for. In addition, students were given a healthy yogurt snack, pencils, crayons and erasers.

    The team also returned to Tiny & Great Creche & Nursery school, it’s first VEE partner, located in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. The school honored its commitment to conduct yearly screenings for students and had just recently concluded one. IGo donated educations toys and school supplies to the children.

    We would like to thank Dr. Bunmi, De. Degun, Mr. Moruff (our UK-based nurse who eagerly joined our mission), Segun Leigh, Taiwo Egunjobi, Tolu, Taiwo, and local helpers, Abdulahi and Titi. Without all of you, this trip would not have been possible. We are deeply grateful to you for helping us to sustain IGo’s mission of providing the best eye care possible to children of Nigeria.

    Most Stylish IGo Sunglasses for Spring

    Most Stylish IGo Sunglasses for Spring

    We thought winter would never end but, alas, it is time to trade in scarves and coats for t-shirts and sunglasses. IGo has a number of trendy styles that will keep you looking fresh this spring. From round frames to rectangular sunglasses, we have all the styles that will keep you on trend for 2017. Not only that, but you can feel good about your purchase from IGo knowing that you are helping children in Sub-Saharan Africa to receive vital eye care that is paramount to their health.

    Here are the styles we recommend for this spring:

    Kakaki- Wooden Sunglasses

    These bold sunglasses are one of favorites currently available. Like all of our sunglasses, these are sustainably made out of wood. Recently celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing a similarly bold style, making us fairly confident that this will be a growing trend in 2017. Perfect for men or women who are looking to make a statement and get ahead of this trend, this style is in-store and online now.


    Probably our most “out there” style because it’s not what you would typically see on the shelf when shopping for a new pair of sunnies- and that’s exactly why we love them. Buy this pair for spring if you are ready to turn heads and have everyone ask you “where did you get those?” These are for our fashion-forward customers and we can’t wait to see how you dare to wear them.


    Black Lade- Retro Plastic and Bamboo Sunglasses

    We love this style because the round black frames are set off by the bamboo ear pieces. This look is hot right now. The fashion world has embraced wooden frame sunglasses and we are especially glad to be on trend while helping provide eye care to children in Sub Saharan Africa. We also sell a wayfarer frame but love how the Lade line mixes a little bit of funk with a little bit of classic. This line is sold in black and tortoise.


    Gato- Tortoise Rimless Retro Cat Eye Sunglass

    These glasses are a little bit of love and whole lot of sass. Slip on a pair of these and you will find the attitude to match. Cay-eye sunglasses are always a fun way to add a little “oomph” to your outfit. Paired with a rimless tortoise shell frame and wooden ear-pieces, the classic cat-eye is reinvented to be on-point for Spring 2017.